We go all the way in the conduct of our clients assignments

Key Informant Interviews

A Key Informant Interview (KII) being conducted by the Lead Consultant, Deborah Mburu with a producer of energy saving jikos in Murang’a Town, Murang’a County during the conduct of the Baseline Survey for the Empowering Rural Community Households with Renewable Energy (ERCHRE) Project being implemented by Rainforest Alliance – March 2018

Focus Group Discussion

End-Term Evaluation Mwatate-Taveta Road Construction Project, Conduct of a Focus Group Discussion on Compenstaion.- November 2018

Capacity Building & Training

We offer services for individuals and organizations  in the Development sector under the following programs; Value Chains, ICT4D, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Gender Development and mainstreaming,  GIS , Grants management & Proposal Development, Health Systems Strengthening, ICT for M&E using Open Data Kit (ODK), Livelihoods Assessment & Analysis, Outcome Mapping for M&E, Performance-Based Budgeting, Policy Advocacy and Engagement, Project M&E, Project Planning & Management using Ms Project, Research & Data Management, Analysis, Inferences and Reporting, Research Proposal Development, Results-based monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic Planning and Management .

Household Survey

A BrandHouse enumerator conducts an interview with a Fodder Farmer during the conduct of the End-term Evaluation of the Growing Livelihoods through Agricultural Development (GLAD) Program implemented by Mercy Corps in Wajir County – January 2018


Brandhouse invests in technology that results in the highest quality delivery for our clients, including Computer Assisted Personnel Interviewing and Geo-technology- November 2017.

Events & PR

BrandHouse was the Event Manager for the Official launch of Dandora Greenlight Vocational Training Centre which was officially opened by the Nairobi County Governor_Hon Mike Sonko – February 2018


What we believe in




We incorporate technology in everything we do to ensuere, quality control, accountability and high quality delivery of assignments

Below are some of the ways we use technology

Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI)

We use Data collection Technology Tools whenever we have assignments involving the conduct of large sample sizes.  This enables the firm to create the capacity to conduct large scale studies in a relatively short time. Finally, the technology allows the data collected to be submitted almost on a real-time basis to the central server through the internet which then facilitates data analysis and processing and reduces human error.

GPS technology

Whenever we conduct interviews, we are able to collect data relating to the exact locations in which the data was collected by using technology that allows for the tracing of GPS coordinates of the exact research locations. This contributes greatly towards enhancing the quality of data that we collect during the conduct of studies and surveys.

GIS technology

Whenever we conduct interviews, we are able to plot out responses in a manner that allows creation of maps and aggregation of responses by location for analysis.  This contributes greatly towards enhancing the quality of data that we collect during the conduct of studies and surveys

Realtime Data Aggregation Dashboards

This allows team monitoring of live responses to catch data problems before they become major issues. It allows live visibility of responses and accountability of enumerators to remove issues of ghost respondents.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. At BrandHouse, we have perfected the art of using visual elements like charts, graphs, maps and infographics to provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns in data and information.

Report Design

At BrandHouse, we believe that, reports that contain dense walls of text, no charts or visuals in sight are as boring to read as they are to create. We have designed a few simple tricks that turn text-heavy reports into accessible, engaging documents that are a downright joy to read.

Data Analysis Technology

Data analysis is the process of cleansing, transforming & modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. At BrandHouse, we use the latest data analysis technologies with multiple facets and approaches to analyze data.

Data Presentation

Data can be presented in various forms depending on the type of data collected. Data presentation and analysis forms an integral part of evaluations conducted at Brandhouse to ensure that our clients are able to conclude & make informed decisions based on the findings of the evaluations conducted.

Types of market research

We conduct the following types of market research; Market Scoping, Market Mapping, Market assessments, Feasibility Studies, Product Research, New Product testing, Impact assessments for social enterprises, value chain research, Situational analysis for business planning and strategy development and customized research

Market User Management Systems

One of our key services is the development & set-up of management systems that can used by an organization to cover many aspects of the organization’s operations including financial success, safe operation, product quality, client relationships, regulatory conformance and worker management

Implementation Toolkits

Whenever we conduct market research for our clients, we also ensure that we come up with recommendations and strategies that can be implemented based on the findings of the market research and hand-hold our clients through the implementation process to guarantee success.

Mobile Apps

At BrandHouse, we have a highly qualified, robust ICT team that develops Mobile apps for devices such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. The mobile app development team is the most recent teams to be set up at BrandHouse based on our clients’ demands & the needs of our markets.

Project Management

At BrandHouse, we take off the burden of managing one-off or unique projects from our clients at a competitive fee. We understand that projects may have a single aim and a series of separate definable objectives, are usually relatively complex and often relatively risky

Project Planning & Control

Project planning and control at BrandHouse is about establishing the range of acceptable outcomes for a client project and then setting up processes and procedures to get the project into the range of acceptable outcomes and keeping it there, as the plan is implemented, right up to completion.

Types of Projects Managed

We manage projects such as; Development programs, setting up of new systems, development and launch of mobile apps and projects customized to suit client needs. With our approach, companies can expect high-value, high-impact solutions and measurable, sustainable results.

Project Quality Management

We ensure that all projects are managed efficiently and effectively through the project management components of time, cost and quality. We constantly monitor all the projects we manage to ensure that any deviations from the project plan are detected early and corrective action taken promptly.


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